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you go play, we go to work.

Be it for a private or a formal event, kaisin is here for you. Just be with your guest, we take care of the rest.

Imagine hosting an event where your guests don’t feel guilty eating your food – we can offer you an alternative to the usual microwaved, fried food – contact us to experience a Hawaiian, Asian fusion inspired, delicious, healthy catering.


Poke Bowl

all right, so what is poké?

poké is a hawaiian dish, originally consisting of sushi rice, raw fish and several different toppings served in a bowl. you could basically describe it as sushi in a bowl. If you are not a fan of raw fish – don’t worry, we also serve tofu.

we also serve sushi burritos. these could be described as big sushi wraps, filled with the ingredients you desire, to be eaten like a burrito. both options are healthy, guilt-free and incredibly tasty.

Sushi Burrito

whether you want to try one of our signature bowls or you prefer to create your own bowl of perfection, anything is possible. feel like a quick bite? make your life easy and order a sushi burrito. It has all the goodness of sushi inside and you eat it like a burrito.

quick, easy, handy but most of all exceptionally tasty… what else could you wish for?

we are thrilled to bring these healthy dishes to zurich and hope you love it as much as we do!

Zürich Altstetten

Kartenausschnitt des Standorts Lunch-Market, Zürich-Altstetten

Mo - Fr
11.00 bis 14.00 Uhr

Buckhauserstrasse 22
8048 Zürich
Kaufleuten Lima

Kartenausschnitt des Standorts Kaufleuten Lima, Zürich

Mo - Fr
11.00 bis 14.00 Uhr

Talacker 34
8001 Zürich

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